5 Reasons to visit Pakistan

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Pakistan is a land of wonders with the best to visit places all around. It is not at all the land like that portrayed on media. Tourists from around the world have loved this region and named their tour as one of the best tours of their life. The best thing is that this country is rich with cultural values sketching a beautiful scenery of love and harmony. The people of Pakistan are full of love and they welcome every one without any discrimination.

There are many things which justify the importance of visiting Pakistan once in a life time. The most beautiful landscapes presenting different colors all year round with the change in climate. The four beautiful seasons letting you enjoy every aspect of warm and cold weathers. Talking about the food of this region, the word which comes in mind is “delicious”. Such a wide range of eatables with different methods of preparing it make one enjoy a great compilation of tastes in one go. And about the clothing. What a colorful way the dresses of Pakistan are designed! The beautiful embroidery work embossed on clothes with a fine collection of beads spread all over makes it look like jewel. The use of bright colors make them look even more beautiful. It is really very difficult to explain all about beautiful places in Pakistan in a few words.

There are so many reasons to visit Pakistan like:

1. The most beautiful hill stations

Pakistan is a region of utmost beauty with beautiful hill stations in different parts of country. High mountains with snowy tops or greenery all around with the beautiful residents of these areas make it a complete package of unbelievable beauty.Jheel Saif ul Malook                                                                                                          Image Credit: 4.bp.blogspot.com/dfw

Gilgit Balstistan.What a piece of land it is! The mountains over the green lands which present a totally different view in winters… It is totally inexplicable!

There are so many valleys in the Northern areas of Pakistan which have lakes that are unexplored yet by the general public and are filled with natural beauty. These lakes are trekked by mountaineers, hikers and foreign tourists a lot.

Ghizer Valley GilgitBaltoro Glacier Gilgit

Aansoo Jheel                                                                                                            Image Credit: M Adeel/dfw

2. The simplicity of villages

The villages of Pakistan present a great view of natural beauty with the best living style having pure souls to talk to, pure things to eat and drink and pure love and affection for each other. The people living there are so lucky to enjoy the fragrance of plants all around and a cool green view which works as a therapy of relaxation all the time.Matilton Village Swat                                                                                                               Image Credit: Webchutney/dfw

3. The hospitality of Pakistani people

Pakistan is a land of peace and harmony. Whosoever says that Pakistani people are terrorists, will be proved wrong once they plan to visit this region. The people are so much welcoming that they literally open the doors of their homes to easily accommodate tourists for as long as they want to stay. They care about you in a way that you start feeling like a part of their family. It is because they are simple and simplicity has great warmth of love and affection which I can bet only Pakistanis have at its peak.hospitality                                                                                                                    Image Credit: Dawn/dfw

Tourists visiting Pakistan from all around the world always admire the life style as well as beautiful surroundings of the country. The generosity of the people especially belonging to hill stations as well as villages is totally inexplicable.

4. The delicious spicy foods

Pakistan is a famous for its food which is prepared in different ways by the creative use of spices. It has great variety of eatables for everyone. Whether it is about traditionally cooked dishes or sweet dishes, Pakistanis are at their best in satisfying the appetite. The food street of Lahore city is especially famous for offering a wide variety of food items including Halwa puri, Pathooray, Jalebi, Tawa fish, Chicken Karahi, Bar’b que and a lot more.

Lahore food street                                                                                                                 Image Credit: Worldfortravel/dfw

5. The best traditional festivals

Pakistan is very famous for its festivals all around the world. The festivals of Pakistan are very colorful and spread the message of love and harmony not only inside the country but also to the world outside. Some are religious festivals while others are cultural events celebrated in all four provinces of the country.

Horse and cattle showRafi-Peer-theater

The land of Pakistan without any doubt is so much beautiful with the fragrance of love, affection and harmony spread all around. If anyone one wants to know the meaning of beauty, he/she must visit this region once in a lifetime to enjoy the colors of Pakistani traditions and explore the most beautiful part of Earth. Pakistan is not like what media portrays it to be! It is a country of peace loving people who own their visitors in a way which becomes an unforgettable memory for them.

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