8 Spectacular waterfalls in Pakistan

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Pakistan is a land of wonders and no one can deny this fact after visiting this region for once. The four amazing provinces with beautiful places make it look like a perfect compilation of a small paradise. The beauty of hill stations, the warmth of love provided by the hospitable people and the best food with a wide variety are the specialties of Pakistan. Foreigners who visited this region express that they haven’t seen any land as beautiful as this one anywhere in the world.Here I am showing some of the spectacular waterfalls which seem the most beautiful to my eyes and seem to belong to a part of heaven. These waterfalls look like a painting of the best painter on earth who perfectly filled the surroundings with colors of serenity which were not less than a therapy of relaxation for us. So here you go!

1.    Patika waterfall Azad Kashmir

A uniquely flowing waterfall in the region of Azad Kashmir which is a land of utmost beauty all around. The water flowing through is just like a transparent curtain boasting its beauty for the tourists. There is a sleek bridge crossing over it to make you have the best view. There are big blocks of stones resting in the way of water flow making it sprinkle splashes all around. You feel like having an in depth feeling of being surrounded by huge mountains covered with greenery. The serene fragrance of plants merged with cool effect of waterfall lets you feel lighter than air.Patika waterfall                                                                                                                       Image Credit: Wowreads

2.    Twin waterfalls of Gulpur Kotli

What a beautiful waterfall with breathtaking surroundings it is! Gulpur waterfall is in Kotli, a part of Azad Kashmir. This waterfall is popular especially for having twin flows of water back to back. Surrounded by mountains and lush greenery along with a wonderful combination of different shades of plants, it becomes a whole package of beaut.  I must say that not visiting this spot will become a regret for you.Gulpur waterfall                                                                                                                    Image Credit: Web.pk

3.    Tilni waterfall Azad Kashmir

Another mesmerizing view of a great waterfall in Azad Kashmir is Tilni. The soft look of this waterfall makes you fall in love with this area. One cannot believe while having a view of this waterfall that it is really a part of the Earth which no doubt seems to be a waterfall of heaven.  The way it splits over the steep cuts of mountains makes its motion an even more beautiful scenery for the visitors.Tilni-waterfall-1                                                                                                             Image Credit: ProPakistan

4.    Hanna Urak waterfall

Have you ever thought of watching the most beautiful view of pearls rolling down the mountains? How much amazing it would be! So I visited a place which was much more beautiful than the imagination of pearls. A spellbinding view of waterfall flowing through big mountain blocks of brown color… the waterfall is known as Hanna Urak. Beautifully surrounded by huge mountains around… it was a scenery which would make a painter quickly hold the brush and paint it on the canvas.Hanna Urak waterfall                                                                                                                    Image Credit: Wikimedia

5.    Naran Kaghan waterfalls

The lush green view of Naran Kaghan waterfalls is inexplicably beautiful. The reflection of trees and plants all around make the water look green. These waterfalls seem to flow through the trees just like a silk cloth hanging down. Lush greenery around makes one feel like standing in heaven. These trees look like so many hands carrying the stream of water down in the depth and one cannot resist admiring this loveliness of leaves the way they support the waterfall to flow.Naran Kaghan waterfalls                                                                                                                    Image Credit: ProPakistan

6.    Sajjikot waterfall

Situated in the heart of mountains, this beautiful waterfall has its own unique beauty in the way it flows which works as a cherry on top for the beauty in surroundings having numerous kinds of trees overlooking this cache of water. The mountains supporting the waterfall in background are so huge and presents an amazing view for the visitors.Sajjikot waterfall                                                                                                                     Image Credit: Wikimedia

7.    Neela Sandh waterfall

Another mesmerizing waterfall is Neela Sandh that has enhanced the beauty of Kotli region at Mouri Syedan. As the name suggests, the water reflects the blue color with a great combination of trees presenting different hues of color. The fine sculptured edges of mountains shows how the creator has perfectly made these huge peaks and made them more beautiful with the presence of greenery around. It is also a must visit spot.Neela Sandh waterfall                                                                                                             Image Credit: ProPakistan

8.    Jarogo waterfall

Jarogo waterfall is situated in Biha Matta, Swat. From the top of huge mountain, we can have a view of lovely silky cloth like waterfall splashing around the edges of mountain blocks. The straight standing trees add up to the beauty of this area making it more charming than fascination.Jarogo waterfall                                                                                                                       Image Credit: Flicker

Visiting these beautiful places in Pakistan could be the best decision of your life as it could give you a calm break from the hectic routine and something most refreshing to experience so that you refuel your soul for future.

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