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“The feast for eyes”… This statement had always run into my ears but couldn’t understand it for a long period of time. Initially, I thought that it might be like sitting on a dining table and gazing all the eatable stuff but then sooner, I got to know the real meaning of it!

It was the month of October, year 2010 when my cousins planned to visit Mangla Dam Lake about which I had always heard the words of fascination from the visitors of this place. As I love to travel all around, so taking it as a great recreational opportunity I decided to join this tour.

The history of Mangla Dam goes back to the year 1967 which was the first development project of Pakistan with the purpose of lessening the deficiency of water and to fortify the irrigation system. The plan of the dam was announced after the Indus Basin treaty of 1960.

Mangla dam is situated across Jhelum River in district Mirpur of Azad Kashmir which is almost 121 kilometers from the capital city Islamabad. It will take around 2 or half an hour more than that to cover this distance. It is known as the 16th largest dam in the world which consists of 9 gates with the width of 36 ft. and height of 40 ft.

You can take a flight to this piece of land as well but traveling by the road makes the tour much more enjoyable. But for this purpose, you have to start your journey earlier in the morning in order to reach there timely and to get maximum time to enjoy the beauty of this lake.

As I was traveling from Lahore, so it took around 4 hours to cover the distance of 208 kilometers. We were a total of 10 people so we used a coach to travel. When we were just about to reach our destination, I peeped out of the window and observed the trailing of dark clouds across the sky. Within a minute or two, it began to rain heavily. Without worrying about rain, as soon as we reached the lake, we jumped out of the coach. The scenario in front of my eyes was inexplicably beautiful. From the curtain of rain spray, I could see the wide view of the lake with a small hut in its heart. However, it was not at all understandable that why that hut was located in the middle of the lake.

After having a glance of this land scape, now I was capable of knowing the actual meaning of the statement “The feast for eyes”. It was really a breath taking sight where my eyes could only see the water all around.

I was enjoying this scene when a colorful boat appeared from the right. It enhanced the beauty of this lake and I just wanted to hold the paint brush and spread the colors of this scenery on the canvas. We planned first to sit in the boat. As I stepped inside it, the boat began to sway with the motion of the waves. Holding the rope grip, I got myself positioned at the corner part of the boat. The cool breeze was brushing away through my hairs with a light sprinkling of rain water which was now gentler than before. I would suggest if anyone visits Mangla, you should not miss the boat ride at all otherwise it would turn into a big remorse. When we got done with boating, I was still feeling the magical pleasure of it.

Mangla lake water with blue sky

Mangla dam offers a good variety of enjoyable things to serve its visitors. Like Jet Ski, speed boats, outboard boats, fishing facility, camping sites, floating raft, hot balloon and a lot more. That’s why tourists name it as a heaven on Earth as it serves with the most beautiful view of mountains with their shadows all around the lake and in its splashing waves, the fishes jumping like ping pong balls in the transparent clear water.

Mangla lake water with sunlight

Now we were ready to experience Jet Ski. Oh my..! I was so much thrilled and a little bit fearful too as it was my very first time. I sat with my cousin and as soon as it started, I shrieked out with fear and excitement. Now what I could see and feel was the splashes of water all around and waves were making us jump on the water surface. It was even more amazing experience.

The bluish green water of the lake was acting like a therapy of relaxation for our eyes. These recreational activities made us enjoy the beauty of this spot both physically and mentally. If anyone especially professionals want to get a break out of their hectic routines, I am saying it without any doubt that it is the best place for relaxation.
I had always dreamed of experiencing the ride in hot balloon which always fascinated me in my imaginations to see the world from above. Mangla Lake also assists the tourists with the fulfillment of their dreams. So… the next adventure we were ready for was the ride in hot balloon. This was something really very amazing. The breathtaking surroundings of the area mesmerized me throughout the ride. What an awesome scenario it was!! Below the feet…Water and above the head…sky!! It really made my day.

The tour to Mangla Lake is usually planned for one day but if anyone wants to stay, there is the most luxurious Mangla view resort not so far away from the lake, located in Dina, Jhelum. The resort offers a wide variety of services for the ease of tourists. Moreover, it has different clubs like boating club, golf club and other than that villas, sporting grounds, commercial areas, riding club e.t.c.

Mangla Dam is not only a spot of refreshment, but also the best place for people of all ages. This tour of my life became one of the best tours and I can’t forget it and still when I think about it, it makes me live once again in those precious moments.

Pakistan is a land of heavens on Earth and if we fail to explore this land of wonders, then it is something so much to be regretful about.

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