A travel to Multan-the Holy city of Shrines

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Being the center of historical glory, Multan has always been the point of attention for the local as well as the international communities. To find it all evident, I visited Multan in the mid of July. The Sun seemed quite mad as it was really hot back there in July. I found it hard to adjust with the fuming hot weather but the inhabitants of Multan were warm and welcoming in their attitude which helped me settle quite well within no time.

Multan is known as the City of Saints as a great number of Sufis and Saints have originated from this territory. It is the hometown of Fariduddin Ganjshakar who is popularly known as Baba Farid, and recognized as the first major prominent face in the Punjabi Poetry. Many Shrines are located within the city which keeps on adding a prestigious charm in the importance of the city. Multan is located just in the bend formed by the five rivers of Pakistan. The Sutlej River separates it from Bahawalpur and the Chenab River from Muzaffar Garh. As I travelled through the streets and the roads of the city, there was one thing being clearly revealed out loud that the culture and traditions of the people living there have a highly significant affection with the Saints and their teachings. The whole city was encased with Bazaars, Mosques, Tombs and Shrines. The people find themselves blessed living in the sacred city and they devote their lives to the saints by visiting their shrines and tombs quite actively. They spend time there and pray a lot as they have strong faith in them.

Multan city viewThe city of Multan is located in Punjab. It is about 421 kilometers from the capital city, Islamabad. The area around and within the city is flat and is of high agricultural worth. There are a lot of citrus and mango farms around the city and the fruits grown by this richly fertile land are popular locally as well as internationally. The natural taste and the pulps of these fruits are highly irresistible. It was one of the most memorable moments for me when I floated through the mango farms since the warm fragrance was highly tempting and it was nothing less than a paradise within a paradise. There are many canals which pass across the Multan district providing these blissful farms of fruits with water in order to help them grow as beautiful as they do. The climate of the city, though, is arid as the city experiences some extreme weather conditions throughout the year with a burning hot summer and mild winters. Being shadowed in these weather conditions, dust storms are a common occurrence in the city.

Multan Shrine

Along with its sacred charm, the city of Multan is well coped with the education of the citizens as well. There are a good number of educational institutions including colleges and universities which contribute well to the sharp growth of minds for the development of the city as well as the whole country. One of the famous institutes of the city is Nishtar Medical College which has spread its doctors all around the world. Another major contribution to the field of education is the Bahauddin Zakariya University which was formerly known as Multan University. It is considered as the main source of education in the whole region. The students of this university have a very smart recognition in their respective disciplines and have proved themselves quite remarkable.

Multan BZUMultan Nishtar mc

Multan being the center of attention has almost all possible routes of transportation to the other districts and territories. The Multan International Airport is located a few kilometers away from the center of the city which connects the city to the international zones as well as within the country. It is considered to be the largest airport within the South Punjab region. Other than that, the district of Multan is linked through railway lines throughout the country. These railway routes link through Karachi, Peshawar, Lahore and Quetta making it easy for people to travel to and from other districts of the country. The Multan Cantonment Railway Station is known as the main station of the city. Apart from these transport facilities, there are other road transport facilities available to travel within which includes a good many Bus services to avail on the go.

The first impression that a person gets by hearing about the historical image and the culture of Multan is quite engaging since it drives us to learn about the history in a quite practical way in the shape of Multan. The city has a highly affectionate influence on people as it binds their hearts and interests to its cultural picture in a very delightful manner. Despite of the hot weather, the city has all its charms wrapped in its glorious braids of love and devotion spread throughout its land. Swirling through my whole journey, when I met the local people of the city myself, I found out that they feel pride in their attachment to this sacred piece of land. Their minds are quite clear and their hearts are all fresh and bright to encourage devoted approach for their saints in their growing generations. People are God fearing, they firmly believe that they are weak enough to be something as arrogant in any particular aspect of their lives. The shrines and tombs of the Sufi saints are always glowing bright with the presence of their devotees. The citizens carry a special love for food also. People like to have various tasty meals as their lunch or dinner. These include BBQ items, Afghani Pulao, Chicken and Mutton Karahi, and Lassi. There are a lot of hotels and restaurants within the city where people pay quite frequent visits with their families, colleagues and friends. The life of this beautiful City of Saints is nonetheless amazing. What I realized through my tour is that there’s no place in the world where we feel loved by the land we visit, it’s always us, the people, who adore and love the lands. But, after visiting Multan, I finally found the charm of being loved by the land because the city does welcome you but does not forget you.

Multan Gate Multan market

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