Arang Kel, Azad Kashmir’s delightful tourist destination

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Pakistan is such a beautiful country with everything that nature offers. It is blessed with four different season in a year and every season comes with its own beauty. It has breathtaking places which any person can’t resist to visit. The beautiful lush green and different colored mountains, lakes, rivers and beautiful views can take a person’s breath away. The peak time of visiting the Northern areas is during summers or in spring, however, adventurers and nature lovers or explorers can’t resist in winters and autumn too. It’s because in Pakistan, every season comes in different and beautiful ways, with different colors, fruits, flowers etc.

In summer, the weather remains cool and chilly at the evening. The coolest thing about the hilly areas about Pakistan is that one cannot predict the weather over there any time, because anything can happen, weather can remain so pleasant and beautiful which is the reason it gains the attention of majority of the people who belong to the plain areas to visit it again and again. As soon as September starts, you can see a lot of people from different cities planning to move towards these hilly areas to enjoy the clear sky view in this region and to enjoy full view of mountains around without any cloud hindrance.

The best timing to start your journey is as early as possible in the morning. My suggestion would be to start the long journey at night from plain areas and this is because, at night one can find peace and can be able to reach at the required destination as early as possible. This will make you able to finish your maximum distance at night with peace. I love long journeys at night but once you reach the hilly areas then one must travel in the shining day this is because driving on hills at night can be problematic.

The beauty I am going to share with you is the hidden pearl of Azad Kashmir which is Arang kel. It was the tour planned with friends to see the beauty of Azad Kashmir Arang Kel on 10th of May 2016. Words can’t even describe the beauty of this beautiful village and the beauty of this place became our wonderful memory. It is an amazing, lush green village and friendly tourist spot in Neelam valley, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is located on the hill top near Kel at the altitude of 8,379 feet (2,554 m) feet. The story never ends here if you want to see the real beauty of Azad Kashmir you have to trek 2 km hike to reach this beautiful place .This piece of heaven with its utmost beauty, and with beautiful and humble people one can only find in Kashmir, listed among the most beautiful places to visit in the world. Passing from Muzaffarabad, capital city of Azad Kashmir, you realize that it is not only the place that is worth seeing, it is the people of that city that make it beautiful, they are very friendly, kind an polite. On the way to arang kel you cross the beautiful Neelum and Jhelum rivers which flow within and across the city.

Azad Kashmir Lush green mountainsHere is the breathtaking view of Neelum and Jhelum rivers which was our companion throughout the way to Kel. Pictures may help you to describe the beauties of Azad Kashmir.

Azad Kashmir neelum river

This Neelum River passes by throughout the way in Azad kashmir, which is the reason that makes it attractive to the visitors.

Azad Kashmir arang kel valley

This picture is just a small effort. It cannot do justice to the beauty that can be seen with the eyes. Beautiful view after entering the beautiful valley of Arang Kel. The people who belong here welcome you in a very humble manner that makes you feel so comfortable, they are very loving and caring people indeed.

Azad Kashmir mountains and huts

The lush greenery and beautiful mountains are the actual beauty of this small valley. These Kashmir Mountains look so huge and calm at the same time. There are very unique huts sort of homes and hotels with very attractive colors, people live in the first floor of these houses and animals are being stored at the bottom of these houses. If you want to explore the beauty of Azad Kashmir, this would be the best place to start with. You will come across with different beautiful waterfalls as well, which would make your tour a memorable one.

Azad Kashmir camping

As far as roads are concern, they are fine to go with. There are jeeps that you need to hire for traveling from Shardha to Kel because the track is not suitable for random cars. These jeeps help to take to Kel and then you need cross the river via chair lift between Kel to the Arang Kel. After covering the distance from chair lift to Arang kel there is a 2km track for hiking that leads you to Arang kel and as far as the track to Arang Kel is concerned, it is not as difficult as it may seem to reach there but if you have some experience in hiking and want to spend a reasonable time in the hub of beautiful nature then hiking would never be a problem to you as I too never had this experience of hiking but after having this experience I felt so blessed to be in that beautiful place like heaven.

Azad Kashmir Hut in the evening

We were bit tired after reaching Arang kel due to hiking but when we reached there, what we saw was a beautiful view of sun set and on the other side a beautiful clean sky with full moon which was representing an unbelievable view as if it was welcoming us with its charm. The next morning was so refreshing that we forgot that how much we had to travel for this beautiful day. It was indeed an amazing and memorable tour of my life that I would love to consider again. An extremely beautiful spot with all the mountains around you with lush green trees, if there’s one place to begin to see the beauty of Azad Kashmir then this is it.

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