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Karachi, the capital city of Sindh, is the largest city of Pakistan and 7th largest city of the worldwith an approximately 23.5 million population.It is also known as “The city of lights”. This city is also considered as the center of largest industry from where a number of career opportunities arise on daily basis. It is situated at the bank of Arabian Sea and has a number of beautiful spots for tourists to visit. Apart from Muslims, people belonging to different religious beliefs reside there with the freedom of practicing their religion. The city has two seaports namely, Port of Karachi and Port bin Qasim contributing in international trade.The beauty of this city mainly lies in the huge building structures, seaports, and wide roads with perfect lighting all around for which it is named as the city of lights. Some of the important attractions of Karachi include the following places:

1.    Mazar-e-Quaid

Mazar-e-Quaid, also known as Jinnah mausoleum is the place where the remains of the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah are resting. The remains of his sister Fatima Jinnah and Liaquat Ali Khan, the first prime minister of Pakistan are also resting at the same place. This place is not only popular among the locals but also the foreigners who visit Pakistan. A fine lush green garden makes it a wonderful serene place where people visit of and on with family and friends. On special occasions, the tomb is decorated with lights which one can easily see from far away. The building of this mausoleum was actually designed by Yahya Merchant, a famous architect.Mazar e Quaid                                                                                                                   Image Credit: VisitingFun

2.    Mohatta palace

A historically valuable place of Karachi Mohatta Palace is located in a modern part of Clifton area. It was built by a rich Indian business man named ShivratanChandraratanMohattain 1927, who used to reside here in summers.The palace is beautifully made with fine carvings and decorated with Jodhpur stones along with the combination of yellow stones which was actually a traditional Rajasthani design of palaces. Agha Ahmed Hussain designed it with perfection in a very beautiful way which cannot be found in the present architectural designs. The palace is now used for conducting many events like concerts and other ceremonial gatherings. There is a museum which is devoted to the art and artists of Pakistan to display their works.Mohatta Palace                                                                                                            Image Credit: Dost Pakistan

3.    Masjid-e-Tooba

Masjid-e-Tooba is a fine holy architectural place with the best design and beauty which differentiates it from other places. Despite of being the holy worshipping place of Muslims, it is very famous among foreigners and they come to visit it on priority. It is locally known as Gol masjid. It was built in Defense housing authority in 1969. The designing of this mosque is claimed to be only single dome mosque in the world which is architected with consideration of acoustics. A person speaking from one end can easily be heard at the other end. The whole mosque is made into white stone which enhances its beauty. This amazing mosque was actually designed by the architect Dr. Babur Hamid Chauhan, who put all his heart in building this mosque.Masjid e Tooba                                                                                                             Image Credit: Dha Karachi

4.    Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim

One of the best spots to be visited. This park is a large area located near the Clifton beach which is known as Karachi’s largest urban park. It is built over 130 acres. People from all over the country as well as abroad visit it frequently. The park has everything including a turtle pond, 20 stone canopies and a beautiful and large rose garden spreading fragrances all around. You can also see murals of dinosaurs there. A number of events are also arranged there on special days. It was named after the great Muslim warrior and conqueror Muhammad Bin Qasim. It is also considered as the largest family park of South Asia.Bagh Ibne Qasim                                                                                                                    Image Credit: Flicker

5.    Clifton beach

The most popular place to visit in Karachi is Clifton beach where you can enjoy the waves rolling and touching the beach and if you stand nearby it will make you feel wonderful.It is considered to be the local beach where you can observe true Karachi culture. Another full of pleasure activity at this beach is riding on camel. This camel ride lets you have a proper view of the beach and Arabian Sea as far as your sight reaches. If you want to have some soothing time to release your all stress, don’t forget to visit this spot.Clifton Beach                                                                                                       Image Credit: Pakistan Tours Guide

6.    National museum of Pakistan

A historically valuable place keeping a great collection of practices and evidences of ancient times which was established in Frere Hall on 17 April, 1950. It was replaced by Victoria museum. The samples revealing the history and culture of Pakistan are preserved here to be studied, exhibit and promote the importance of this region. The museum has a lot of stuff which was found from the ruins of Indus valley civilization and Gandhara civilization along with Islamic art, miniature paintings, different kinds of ancient coins and manuscripts having traditional, cultural and political importance. An interesting gallery with statues of different ethnicity is also a part of this museum. The remains of Mohenjo Daro civilization are abundantly kept here which shows that how creative people were who belonged to this region. The art of the ancient people is totally incomparable to the present pieces of art. Visiting this place will make you learn about the historical value of this part of Pakistan.National museum                                                                                                            Image Credit: Wikimedia

So, whenever you plan to visit Karachi, don’t forget to visit these places which will let you explore more about this beautiful city of lights and you will enjoy each and every aspect of living there.

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