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Looking back in life I realized that I came from a background where breaking stereotypes was the worst…

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Looking back in life I realized that I came from a background where breaking stereotypes was the worst of crimes. Along with the substantial art of hypocrisy that wanted us to go to school yet still have the same feudal imagination was a perfect dream killer. No adult knew the idea of how letting the young brains do what they could do best could guide them to their dream lives and so were ruined lives of several of the children I know.

By the time I was done with my A-levels I myself was one of the finest victims of these atrocities. During my A-levels I gave my SAT exam, I applied to several universities through common app and was very proud at that moment to have received acceptances from several of them. A very enthusiastic Physicist was all I could see in myself at that time but little did I know what was in store. All that was needed to break my skyrocketing dreams was a little emotional moment from the two most important people a child has in his life, his parents. My moment came and I started my struggle of being the obedient child, the child who'd be remembered in the society by listening to what his parents wanted him to become, the child who'd be known by his ever nodding head in front of his parents. The child who sold his life away to see a simple smile on the face of his mother. 

I shifted to Karachi after my A-levels when I got admission in Ziauddin University and started my life long Medical Degree. Now I am almost half way through and I have learnt that no matter how hard you try to diminish your life long aims, you are going to fail. So the solution for me was to divert my attention to those aims I could still achieve and hence I started travelling and capturing the wonderful productions of nature in my camera. I now aim to travel throughout Pakistan and then the whole world because this is what gives me peace now. This is what satisfies me now. This is what quenches my thirst of doing what I want to do.

A Panoramically Exquisite View
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A Panoramically Exquisite View

3.10.15 2:42pm on the far side of Upper Kachura Lake, Skardu. “It was October already yet we were nearly dripping in sweat. The convenient twenty minutes’ drive had not been possible due to ongoing construction of the road from the town below to the lake slightly higher on the hill as described by the locals. […]

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