Don’t miss these 5 deserts while touring Pakistan

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Beautiful places in Pakistan are where you can find every aspect of nature presenting itscharm in a unique way with a perfect combination of hues and fragrances all around. The country with four different seasons and a great variety of fruits and vegetables along with the decorated lush green lands having beautiful flowers of different sorts spread all over, these things give Pakistan a unique position among all other countries of the world. Apart from the glories of this region, there is another sort of beauty gifted to this region which presents a mesmerizing view and lets tourists have a wonderful experience. The deserts of Pakistan are considered one of the most popular and beautiful deserts with such a scenery that no one ever believes his/her eyes of having a glance of them. It is just like walking in the pool of sand with an amazing feeling of sand rubbing and massaging your feet all along the desert. The charm of these deserts lies in the camel ride which lets you have a proper view of the desert till the end of your sight. The mornings are hot but nights in some of the deserts are indeed cold. If you go on a jeep or Pajero, you will enjoy the ride which is really an adventurous experience. Here we have a brief account of some of the most beautiful deserts of Pakistan and their specialties:

1.    Thar Desert

Thar Desert is the largest desert of Pakistan and 17th largest of the world. This desert covers an area of 175,000 square Kilometers which covers a large area of India and Pakistan altogether. It is a very dry desert with huge sand dunes all around. The rainfall here is limited to 100-500 mm annually which mostly flows during the month of July and September. There are some salt water lakes in this desert namely Sambhar, Kuchaman, Didwana and Kharagodha.Thar desert ladies                                                                                                                 Image Credit: dawn

The protected parts of this desert located in the region of Pakistan are Nara Desert Wild Life Sanctuary covering an area of 6,300 km² in Mirpurkhas district and Rann of Kutch Wild Life Sanctuary in Badin district. The expanded ecosystem of this region allows a rich habitation of vegetation, human beings and wild life in this desert. A number of species of lizards and snakes along with other wild animals are found here like blackbuck and chinkara. Moreover, there is a diversified inhabitance of 141 kinds of birds in Thar Desert. Taling about human beings, this desert is highly populated and people lead a simple lifestyle. They are culturally rich and practice heritage, folk songs and tales and special regional dances to amuse themselves.Thar desert                                                                                    Image Credit: friends korner

2.    Cholistan Desert

Another most famous desert of Pakistan is Cholistan Desert having a great significance. It is also known as Rohi Desert. It extends to at an area of 26,300 km² and joins Thar Desert far of moving towards Sindh province. This desert is especially famous for annually conducted Cholistan Jeep Rally in which a number of people participate and it is the biggest motor event of Pakistan. People from all over the country as well as abroad come to see this event with great zeal. Despite of having a very dry land with a very little rainfall, people of this region enjoy their lives in a creative manner. They know very well how to utilize their time by engaging themselves in different arts and crafts during cold nights.Thal-desert 2                                                                             Image Credit: Unvisited Pakistan

They are best at textile work, handicrafts, weaving and leather work. Moreover, the nomads of this area are actively engaged in livestock and sale their cattle, their milk and meat as well as their skin us shred for making woolen clothes. People of this area love colors and thus they are very creative in making jewelry with beautiful designs, textile work, and their leather work is also exceptional. It is the love of colors which makes them wear bright colored clothes making a great contrast to the dry brown surroundings of the Cholistan Desert.Cholistan jeep rally 2                                                                                                                       Image Credit: BlogSpot

3.    Thal Desert

Thal desert is located in Punjab Pakistan which covers the cities of Khushab, Layyah, Bhakkar, Mianwali, Muzaffargarh and Jhang extending from the left bank of Jhelum River. It is also famous for its greatest Thal canal which goes back to the history of 130 years. In 1873, this project was considered first time for Thal Doab. The purpose of this canal was to irrigate the land from Indus River to cope up with the water deficiency in the desert.Thal Desert 2                                                                                                               Image Credit: Flicker

This vast desert is estimated to cover an area of around 20,000 Square Km and that’s why it is considered to bethe third largest desert of Pakistan. The nomads of this desert are mostly engaged in livestock farming.They are culturally rich and practice traditions abundantly.Thal Desert                                                                                                                  Image Credit: Flicker

4.    Indus Valley Desert

Indus valley Desert is such a desert of Pakistan which is almost uninhabited. It covers an area of 19,501 square Km extended to the northwestern region of Punjab province. The exact location in between the River Chenab and Indus. This land is much drier and that’s the reason it is not inhabited. The temperature of this area is limited to extreme ends i.e. hottest in summer while coldest in winter and annual rainfall is only 600-800 mm. The animals inhabited in this desert are Indian wolf, striped hyena, caracal and Indian leopard. The variety of birds here is diversified and about 190 species are available here including red necked falcon.Indus Valley desert                                                                                                                     Image Credit: SM Bukhari

5.    Kharan Desert

Located in the province of Baluchistan, Kharan Desert in also known as Sandy Desert with a beautiful scenery all around. This desert is of great significance in the history of Pakistan as the second nuclear test was carried out here on 30th of May, 1998. For agriculture, this land is not suitable due to low irrigation of water. The nomads of this area are mostly engaged in the work of cotton and hand stitched carpets. The desert has mobile sand dunes with the heights 15 to 30 meters. There is a dry lake in this region graded as the largest dry lake of Baluchistan named as Hamun-e-Mashkal which is 85 Km long and 35 Km wide.Kharan Desert                                                                                                                      Image Credit: pbs.twimg

These five mesmerizing deserts are not at all to be missed while touring Pakistan as they are not merely sandy lands but are culturally rich having people practicing traditions and maintaining heritage in a wonderful way, highlighting the significance of these lands as a treasure of Pakistan.

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