Exploring the Lal Suhanra National Park

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While there are a lot of parksin Pakistan, the Lal Suhanra is a special one of its kind. It is said to be among the largest national parks in South Asia due to the fact that it is spread over 153000 acres of land. It is situated in Bahawalpur district of Punjab province, approximately 33km east of the Bahawalpur city and is very famous for the wildlife and the diversity of landscapes that it has. One can visit this place while traveling to Bahawalpur.It is among one of those parks in Pakistan that do not have any entrance fee and the parking is also free for the general public and visitors to this park. Locals usually visit this park due to its expansiveness and never ending tourist attractions. It cannot be seen in a one day trip completely but majority of people visit the main points in the park. From among all the places worth seeing in Bahawalpur, it is a great tourist place in Pakistan, for travelers to explore.sign-board

Taking about the diverse landscapes, in some parts of the park you see barren land whereas in other areas there are streams of water and a forest too.The tall green trees full of green leaves present a wonderful imagery of nature. Diverse landscapes all in one place is noteworthy and I believe it is a good location for school kids and children to learn about diversity of topography. I was glad to see a school trip at the park. It is a great location for excursion as well as social learning.The park has a small zoo recreational area and a conservation area for animals too. Wildlife can be seen in the park along with quite a lot of species of birds in the bird aviary.

On a day trip to Lal Suhanra with a tour group, the experience was awakening to see several species of birds, animals and reptiles in the park, including wildcats, deer, rabbits, snakes and lizards too. Around 160 species of bird are also present including the houbara bustard, griffon, vulture, crested honey buzzard, marsh harrier, hen harrier, laggar falcon, peregrine falcon, kestrel, Eurasian sparrowhawk, Egyptian Vulture, barn owl and many more. Even the names are difficult to remember and the list is so long. The lake in the center of the park gives the visitors a chance to take a round and enjoy sightseeing of ducks found in the lake. A lot of families could be seen boating in the lake. During different seasons, the view is every time unique and worth seeing. We went during winters so it was less green yet attractive in its own way. It is not possible to see the whole park in just a few hours like we did, since we had other places to see so we had to move ahead with our plans.15 kilometers towards East of the park is a rest house and a beautiful lake which is worth visiting.lake1

Looking at different species of birds in the bird’s aviary and different types of animals, taking their pictures and walking through the forest is all a different experience and enjoyable one for those who like sightseeing. It is a good picnic point for families. Children and youngsters could be seen playing sports in some ground of the park. Some men could be seen lying under the shades of the trees, resting probably from work. Everybody has his/her own style of spending their leisure time. At some places, gardeners were busy plucking grass and working on plantation. Some area of the park is also used as fields for agriculture.

Pakistan has everything to offer to its visitors. From desert regions to green fields and forest. Parks like these are good recreational spaces for visitors to explore and have a great time. Tourists from all over the country come to this park to see its diversity. From time to time, it has been developed and improved and still work is going on in the park to make it a good tourist attraction for all.animals1

Looking at animals in the open land confined at a particular place is also good to learn about their names and species and see how they behave. It’s like an open zoo. A special specie of antelopes is found in the park that are seen running, interacting with each other and some are found sort of wrestling with each other. Might be their own way of doing playful things. The sight is beautiful seeing them running around and playing. One thing quite obvious about these antelopes was the sexual dimorphism which was quite obvious by seeing them. They seemed to move away as we tried to go closer to them and reach them in order to take pictures with them. There was a log of a tree places nearby where all the members of our group sat and took pictures because the scenery behind was beautiful. Since it was February so the weather was not really warm, neither cold but the sun was shining brightly.antelopes1

Other than the antelopes the park has many other species of animals. To explore wildlife and conduct animal photography, one should pay a visit to this park because it would offer some of the worth capturing scenes of animal behavior. After an excursion of half the day, we moved further to our next destination, which was also in Bahawalpur.

Adding up this location to your itinerary would not make you regret about it, especially those who are nature lovers, would feel enriched with this experience of seeing such a huge and well maintained park. For animal lovers, it is definitely one worth seeing place.

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