Famous sufi shrines in Pakistan

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Pakistan is a region of love and harmony with great places to explore. The specialties of this region bring a perfect reflection of how the people living in this area practice and pass on cultures and traditions from generation to generation without disrupting the values of rituals followed by their ancestors. The region is rich in all aspects and especially when it comes to explore the historical importance of Pakistan, very interesting things come to revelation for intriguing people to find out more. Pakistan being a culturally rich region, has always cared to preserve the historical places whether it is a museum, a tomb, a fort or shrines. Talking about shrines, history shows that a number of Sufi saints have served Pakistan in all parts with their message of love and harmony and to promote the Islamic values putting all of their efforts. They have devoted their lives to enlighten the souls of all the Muslims living in this region.This is a good fortune of land of Pakistan that the remains of some very famous and pious Sufi saints are resting here.Some of the most famous Sufi shrines of great saints are described here:

1.    Shrine of Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh, Lahore

Abul Hassan Ali Hajveri also known as Hazrat data GanjBakhsh was a great Persian Sufi and scholar of the 11th century.He was born in 990 CE. He played a great role to spread religion all over South Asia.He travelled across Indus River to the Caspian Sea and spread the message of Islam to all the regions. He was the student of great Sufi saints. He also got educated at Junaidia School of Sufism, named after one of the great saints Junaid Baghdadi. He met a number of saints while travelling who played a great role in grooming him spiritually to spread the message of Islam in more effective way. The shrine is made into white stone beautifully designed and has poetry written at different parts. The whole shrine presents a calm and peaceful look and people come here to have satisfaction for soul.data-sahab                                                                                                            Image Credit: Wikimedia

2.    Shrine of Sachal Sarmast, Khairpur

The great Sufi saint HazratSachalSarmast, real name Abdul WahabFarooqui was born in 1739 CE. He wrote poetry in 7 languages during the Talpur era of Sindh. He is known for spreading message of love through pen by writing mystical poetry revealing the reality of love and harmony on the basis of Islamic religion. A number of singers have sung his poetry which is admired to have an inexplicable depth with the soft use of words.DiwaniAshkar andDardNama are the most popular books of his 9 compilations in Persian.His remains are resting on the land of Khairpur in a beautiful shrine.The colorful designing on the walls of this shrine is an amazing piece of rare art. The use of fine-looking stones is creatively made to enhance its beauty.Untitled-1                                                                                                     Image Credit: Haider Bilal Ali

3.    Shrine of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi, Karachi

Abdullah Shah Ghazi is a well- known Sufi saint whose spirits are regarded as the deterrent of cyclones in the Arabian Sea as per the beliefs of people of Karachi. He served and devoted his life to spread the message of love and peace. He was an Arab merchant and later on settled in Sindh where he learned a lot about Sufism in the company of Syed Misri Shah. He was killed by his enemies in a forest located in interior Sindh. A few of his followers brought his remains to a hill on Karachi Sea port and buried him there. It was a very small shrine which was later on reconstructed and designed as a proper Sufi shrine. By the time, a number of his followers started moving to Karachi. His shrine is now at the top of a hill in Clifton Karachi.abdullah-shah-ghazi                                                                                                   Image Credit: Mosthdwallpapers

4.    Shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, Sehwan Sharif

Syed Muhammad Usman Marwandi also known as LalShahbazQalandar was born in 1177 in Iran. He was a well-known Sufi philosopher poet. He travelled all around the Muslim world and later on settled in Sehwan Sharif where his remains are now resting under a huge Shrine designed simply. During his visit to Multan, he met the great saints Baha-ud-din Zakariya, FariddudinGanjshakar and Syed JalaluddinBukhari who became good friends and all of them together joined hands to spread the message of love and harmony according to Islam in a miraculous way. The shrine was built in the year 1356 which is decorated with some titles in Sindhi. Some mirror work and gold plated door was gifted to this Shrine by Shah of Iran, Raza Shah Pahlavi. Millions of followers visit here every Thursday and on the Urs of LalShahbazQalandar.lal-shahbaz-qalander                                                                                                            Image Credit: Wikimedia

5.    Shrine of Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya, Multan

Abu Muhammad BahauddinZakariya also known as HazratBahauddinZakariya was born on Friday, 4 June, 1171 in KotKehror also known as KotLalEsan, a town of Layyah District near Multan, Punjab. He devoted his whole life to spread the message of Islam all around by traveling for a period of fifteen years. Multan became his final destination and his remains are also there, resting under a beautifully designed Shrine. The strong bold pillars of the shrine are decorated with patterned lines all around. His followers come to pay visit to his shrine especially on Thursdays.Shrine Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya                                                                                                                Image Credit: pbs.twimg

These shrines are not visited by Muslims only but people belonging to other religious beliefs also visit them as they think that these Sufi saints spread the message of love, peace and harmony all around and these things are not restricted to any specific religion.These tourist places in Pakistan are a blessing for tourists. The beauty of these shrines and the serene environment inside lets you feel to have a great mental and physical relaxation and the surroundings themselves tell you which important references of history are resting there from years.

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