Lahori culture and traditions

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Lahore is known as the culturally rich city of Punjab where people live a wonderful life full of enjoyment. It is one of the major cities of Pakistan with amazing festivities for people to enjoy. Whether it is about dressing, jewelry, food or anything else, Lahore has always been a center of attention for tourists. The amazing thing is that Lahoris -people of Lahore city are so affectionate and welcoming that they care about the visitors whole heartedly just like their family members. Whosoever visits this city, get the justification to this very famous statement “Lahore, Lahore hai! (There is no place like Lahore)” This land of cultural values and traditions provides the visitors to enjoy their stay in all aspects and feel as lively as people of Lahore are. The night life of this city is especially very active and presents an amazing view of colorful lights all around. The food is so delicious that no one can resist tasting anything. If we say that this city is the real portrayal of Punjab province,it would be absolutely right. Here I am introducing you with some aspects of Lahori culture and traditions:

1.    Lahori traditional dresses

Lahori dresses are very colorful and finely decorated/printed with different designs, embroidery studded with beads. Being the central region of Punjab province, the use of bright colors is abundant. However, with the follow up of new fashion, these traditions are modernized. But the grace of traditional Lahori dressing includes Shalwar Qameez, beautifully designed frocks, kurtas with straight pajamas, churi daar pyjamas for women whereas Shalwar qameez, Kurtas, waist coats are the traditional wears for men. For wedding ceremonies, men wear traditionally designed Sherwani and women mostly wear beautiful Lehangas. The traditional footwear is Khusa but latest trends have provided people with a lot of options to wear.

Men dressmen-shoesKhusa-1

2.    Beautiful jewelry

Women of Lahore love to wear jewelry. There is a great variety of earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets and the most beautiful bangles.Some of these are designed with the use of stones and beads. Artificial, gold and silver jewelry is available in different designs and colors to match with dress. Anarkali and Liberty Market are very famous places to shop jewelry.

Jewelry setBanglesEarrings

3.    Delicious food

Lahoris are usually food lovers. It is a sort of hobby for them to find good food according to the weather. Like in summer, they rush for Ice cream, kulfi, Falooda, juices, milk shakes and a lot more whereas in winters they have a great variety to eat and satisfy their appetites. The famous dishes are Karahi, Quorma, Biryani, Bar b que, Nehari, Haleem, and a lot more things with the great sweet items after meals which include Halwas and jalebi especially. Lahore is famous for having the best food street with a wide range of eatables. The cooks are very creative in preparing dishes of all kinds with a sensible use of spices. The aroma of these items swirling through the streets of Lahore clearly depicts the interest of Lahoris in food.

Chicken KarahiJalebi

4.    Transportation

The city of Lahore is not only traditional with respect to food and clothing but one can also find interesting means of transportation here of which some are very creatively painted in bright colors like rikshaws, trucks and baggi (A ride with two horses tied at front dragging a big beautifully designed cart along). However, baggi is now used on weddings only. Once there were a lot of tongas as well running throughout the city but later on rickshaws exchanged them. Still we can find them in some village like areas where people use it as a public transport. Apart from that, there are metro buses, simple local buses and small vans to take people from place to place.

BaggiMetro bus

5.    Holy Shrines

Lahore is known as “Daata ki Nagri” named after the great Sufi saint Hazrat Ali Hajveri Daata Ganj Bakhsh. His shine is one of the oldest Muslim shrines in South Asia. It is located near Bhatti gate of walled city of Lahore. The whole shrine looks like a white pearl settled on the land.Daata darbar

Another Holy shrine of a great saint located in Lahore city is Mian Mir Shrine where the remains of a great saint of subcontinent Baba Sain Mir Muhammad are resting.It is located in the area of Dharampura Lahore.Shrine mian mir

One of the most popular saints of subcontinent Hazrat Baba Shah Jamal was a great pious man following Sufism. His followers visit his shrine regularly. Pappu Saeen performs Dhammal on his Urs. It is located at the back side of Forman Christian College in an area named after the great saint as Shah Jamal.

6.    Festivals and events of Lahore

Lahore being the city of people who celebrate a number of festivals as well as events which provide them with a great platform to present their talent and these gatherings create a feel of unity among them, making the bond stronger. People belonging to other cities come to Lahore to be a part of these festivals. Some events are celebrated to enhance the cultural heritage of Pakistan while others are arranged to promote talent of people with the provision of a big platform. The most famous of these festivals is Jashan-e-Baharan, which is celebrated to welcome spring season. The canal is decorated with different floatables designed in a way that it has colorful monuments presenting the culture of Pakistan. People enjoy every spring season watching this exhibition. Moreover, a flower exhibition is also arranged in this season. Other traditional activities include puppet shows, art and literary festivals, horse and cattle show etc.

Flowers on canal

I hope, these amazing things of Lahore city will now be making you anxious to visit this land and experience all these things, making it a wonderful memory of your travel diaries. Lahore is a city where people find ways to live every single moment at their best and I bet you can feel the same after visiting it and you would be saying the same thing “Lahore… Lahore hai!”

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