One night camping in Rama Meadows

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Located in the North of Pakistan, among the vast wilderness across the plain lands, beyond Astore city are Rama Meadows, where on arrival you instantly get out of touch with the rest of the country since your mobile signals don’t work properly at all. After all, planning for a getaway, why care about making calls back home and elsewhere?  Cherish and live the moments truly when on a traveling journey to the remote areas, exploring the hidden beauty of Pakistan.

A lot of travelers are now visiting Rama Meadows because of the serene environment it offers. Also, because the nomads of this region are very well mannered, hospitable and helpful for the tourists.Rama Village

Travelers who want to explore Rama Meadows can travel across these cities:

Lahore city —-> Islamabad city—–> Chilas city—-> Astore city—> Rama Village—-> Rama Meadows

I left with a tour group from Lahore on Saturday night and it took us almost 20 hours via Babusar Top to reach Chilas, where we stayed overnight and departed Monday morning for Rama Village. Having our lunch at Astore city, we left for Rama Meadows in the afternoon. Astore holds a lot of importance, as on the way when you travel across this city, you realize how lively the people and the Astore Bazaar itself is. You see children playing, young girls in uniform, locals getting fascinated on seeing visitors having wide smiles on their faces. They like talking and inviting travelers to their places. Their warm hospitality can be clearly felt with their invitations and expressions. I can remember how heartily the welcomed us to their homes and none of us felt like being away from our homes.Road to Rama

From Astore, I sat on the top of the jeep. Jeep ride to the meadows is the only good option as the high ridges do not let other vehicles move conveniently. The view from the top of the jeep with bright green grasslands all around and the sun shining very pleasantly made it spectacular. On reaching Rama Meadows, the temperature started dropping. The cool breeze started blowing gently since it was the month of July so days at Rama Meadows are very pleasant but the nights are indeed cold. This place is usually cold throughout the year, however, the days in summers are pleasant to stay. We opted for camping. While there are not many options of hoteling. You could stay at PWD guest house or you could book PTDC which is quite old and well-constructed and these are the places that have usable washrooms. Otherwise, you are left to go into the wild for nature’s call.

Moving ahead, you come across small stops where you see stalls or even streams of water. That’s only where you see groups of people inhabiting this place. Upon reaching the camp site at Rama meadows, excruciating fatigue took all over every one, but as we were looking forward to visit the Rama Lake which is almost 1 one hour jeep ride from Rama meadows, thus we didn’t give up our stamina. Rama Meadows presents a mind blowing picturesque of beautiful scenery. On reaching, our tour operators started preparing for the meals and hitching the camps for us while we went out and about the campsite for sightseeing and hiking to the lake. Imagine camping in the wild, with no access to electricity, no proper washrooms, no luxury of life, the simple lifestyle of old times. The feeling is so natural and being close to nature offers immense learning of adjusting with all types of situations. You tend to develop flexibility and a compromising nature.Kitchen tent in Rama

For me, walking across trees, with bright green grass all around, pastures with animals grazing the land, trees with their unique leaves and distinctive vegetation, natural streams of water and of course the clear blue sky with white patches of clouds is a sight that not only uplifts my mood, in fact, it fulfills the purpose of enriching my soul and providing me a feeling of empowerment and contentment. Staying close to nature has always been useful for everyone. Those who have experienced it can well understand what this really means. For those who haven’t experienced I would suggest, try for once.

After a day’s exploration across the green fields and meeting greeting young lads and old men from the area provided a good chunk of quality time spent. As night approached, the area started getting gloomy and dreary since Rama Meadows lacks complete infrastructure and that’s what makes it beautiful and natural. Spending a night in the wild always portrays and fearful image but believe me, it was something very different and enchanting.

With vast greenery all around you, snow capped mountain ranges and forests surrounding you,the feeling of being at this place becomes overwhelming. As night approaches, it is the wilderness, the cold, the serene environment and the darkness that prevails. To make the night sky worth seeing, clusters of stars can be seen filling the sky creating natural beauty of the sky. The landscape just before the evening at the time of sun setting is filled with serenity and dense forests create silhouettes that make the whole vision worth seeing.Camping in Rama Meadows

Our camping at Rama Meadows was a really mind blowing experience. I woke up at 4 in the morning and zipped open my camp to have a look at the sky where the dawn appeared worth seeing. I waited and watched the sky till the sun rose and morning arrived. Soon we all had the desi breakfast of fried egg with paratha and a steaming hot cup of tea that was fulfilling and desperately needed after the cold night. It worked like a therapy of relaxation for us. Although the morning breeze was cold too but the shining sun made it pleasant to experience. Morning exploration was pleasing enough to gear us all for the next journey ahead. Rama Meadows was like a transit point for us but the time we had spent was enriching enough. I would recommend everybody to travel to Rama Meadows solely for sightseeing and feeling of closeness to nature in the wild. This place is just so peaceful and relaxing that it truly provides a feeling of satisfaction and peace of mind to your mind, body and soul.

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