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Northern areas of Pakistan are blessed with wonderful gems of nature. When we talk about tourism within the country, we instantly think of the north because it is covered with lush green lands. People plan their tours every year in vacations. However, with the increased ratio of tourism in the country, various groups visit northern areas twice or even thrice a year. Government has also focused on various popular tourist spots to promote the culture of tourism in the country. There are a lot of tourist attractions in the northern region of the country. Tourists from all around the world plan their visits to Pakistan every year. Tourist destinations like Naran, Azad Kashmir, Swat, Nanga Parbat, Skardu and many others attract millions of visitors within a single year.

Usually, the tourism culture takes good pace in the months from June to August. These months enhance the glory of northern tourist destinations. One can enjoy lush green mountains as well as valleys at different spots during a visit. Some territories are covered with snow even in the time of summer. Areas with snowcapped mountain peaks have much cooler weather than other regions. People from different cities travel through the north and enjoy the breathtaking glimpse of nature.

There are a number of popular tourist destinations in the north of Pakistan. Let’s get to know about these places and their wonderful cultures.

Babusar Top

Babusar top is located in the north of Kaghan valley and is a mountain pass at a height of 13,000 ft. This high mountain pass connects Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with Gilgit Baltistan. The journey from Kaghan to Babusar is quite beautiful. There is a direct and easy access to Babusar top through cars. However, the drivers are advised to be very careful since the track is narrow and is often caught up with land sliding problems. Surrounding mountains present a beautiful picture of lush green snowcapped mountains throughout the journey.Babusar

Babusar top is a wonderful place to sit and enjoy dense clouds floating right in front of you. The mesmerizing cold wind keeps blowing around you. The flow of wind does not slow down at any point. Due to the cold weather conditions, tourists like to spend time having a cup of tea with light amount of snacks. One can stand at the top of the mountain and witness an extended view of huge mountains right in front of him.
Babusar road that leads to Babusar top is usually closed around 5 in the evening. It is because the highway authorities do not recommend a safe travel experience in the evening due to rapidly changing weather conditions. The higher altitude of Babusar top results in rainfall and cloudy weather. Tourists enjoy their time and gather a lot of memories to be remembered at Babusar top.

Toli Peer

Toli Peer is an enchanting hilltop located in Rawal Kot in the Poonch District of Azad Kashmir. The approximate elevation of Toli Peer is about 8800 feet above sea level. The green hilltop reflects a charming view of nature for the tourists. In the months of May and June, the area presents a lush green carpet of leaves and grass throughout the land. The hilltop is named after a “Peer” whose shrine was located at the top of the mountain. However, there are some remains of the shrine left on the hilltop that can be seen on the visit.Toli peer

Visitors can look at Poonch River from Toli Peer. It is the highest mountainous destination situated in the northeastern territory of Rawalkot. Tourists visit the area mostly in the time during summers. Weather conditions change from the end of September and remain cold till the month of March. It is located at a drive of about 30 km from Rawalkot.
Tourists can enjoy the most breathtaking view from the top of Toli Peer with extended flow of lush green mountains and dense clouds. Although, in order to reach the top of the mountain, tourists have to do a lot of hiking but the experience is beyond imagination. It is not advisable to plan a tour to Toli Peer in winters as it is all covered in snow and gets too cold. A panoramic view of lush green landscape surrounds the visitors throughout their time at Toli Peer. It is surely a charming tourist destination in the north worth paying a visit.

Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley is a lush green forested region in Azad Kashmir. The valley is named after Neelum River that flows through the area. The beautiful tourist destination attracts hundreds of visitors every year. Tourists can enjoy the enchanting view of snowcapped mountains in the area with huge carpets of greenery around them. Neelam Valley is situated in the northeastern region of Muzaffarabad, the capital city of Azad Kashmir.Neelum-Valley-Azad-Kashmir

The lush green valley runs parallel to Kaghan Valley and both of them are separated by snowcapped high peaks. Neelam Valley also holds a historical significance. Sharada Peeth located in Sharada and Janawai town are well known for its history and tourists love to visit the territory. Sharda is located at the bank of Neelam River at an altitude of about 6,500 feet and it is one of the most beautiful spots in the valley . Neelam Valley also connects several villages and neighboring towns. Athmuqam is the chief town area of Neelam Valley located at a distance of about 84 km from Muzaffarabad. Visitors can find good number of options for staying in hotels and rest houses in the town. Not only that, basic necessities are all available in the town including banks, hospitals, market and telephone exchanges. Jura is the most populated territory in Neelam district. This area is popular for its beautiful and high mountains. Apart from the lovely sites, Jura is also known for its lovely Bazar to entertain tourists and visitors.
Neelam Valley is a beautiful landscape of heaven. Tourists love to visit the valley and its neighboring towns. The visiting people believe that Neelam Valley has its own special charming place among all the northern tourist destinations.

Hunza Valley

Hunza Valley is a wonderful locality for visitors from all around the globe. The area presents a beautiful culture of the natives and highlights the importance of cultural significance in the country. Located in Gilgit Baltistan, the beautiful valley and its people have high terms of hospitality and friendship to offer.

The main town of Hunza is Karimabad. It is the most popular tourist destination in Hunza Valley. The town of Karimabad is developed well with basic necessities of life including markets, hotels and beautiful places to visit. The literacy rate of natives in the valley is more than 90% and people are very honest in their conduct. One can find beautiful cultural goods made by the natives themselves. The town of Karimabad is blessed with everything in one place. Snowcapped mountains can be seen easily through the area. Apart from the mountains, one can find beautiful lush green trees and plants around the road sides and plains.hunza1

The town of Karimabad was formerly known as Baltit because of the presence of an ancient fort that dates back to about 700 years ago. Baltit fort is located at a higher point in the area and allows the tourists to have a beautiful bird’s eye view of the whole town. There is another fort of historical importance in Karimabad known as Altit fort. Altit fort was a home to the hereditary rulers of Hunza state. It is the oldest monument in Gilgit Baltistan as its history rolls back to about 1100 years. The streets and passages leading to Altit fort have number of shops full of Hunza’s cultural heritage. Visitors can buy different kinds of gems and stones in the form of lockets and other wearable items. Furthermore, there are a lot of cultural dresses made by local natives to entertain the visiting tourists.

Apart from these places, there is another spot in the town that presents the most beautiful bird’s eye view of Hunza known as Eagle’s Nest. Eagle’s Nest is one of the highest peaks in the area to look at Hunza’s charming landscape. Through this point, one can view Lady Finger, a high peak on the road side of Hunza. The beautiful view of Rakaposhi Mountain can also be sighted through Eagle’s Nest.

Hunza is also blessed with a beautiful lake known as Attabad Lake. Few years back, Hunza River was caught in a huge disaster. The disaster involved land sliding of two mountains until they met together at the passage of Hunza River. This incident turned Hunza River into Attabad Lake. The lake is simply amazing to look at since the whole water is steady and imparts a sea green colored reflection to the visitors. The length of this beautiful lake is about 29.3 km and tourists can entertain themselves with boating. Attabad Lake started from a small village known as Ganish. It is one of the major attractions of the valley.

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