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Sialkot is one of those historical cities of Pakistan where the great poet “Allama Iqbal” was born. History reveals that this city was a part of Muslim Sultanate of Delhi during the year 1185 when Sultan Shahab-ud-Din Ghouri conquered the region of Punjab. The total population currently suspected is around 920,000 and people living here are very talented who practice different skills to earn their living. Another important personality who belonged to this city was Faiz Ahmed Faiz who was a great poet with an exemplary work he left for the next generations. The specialty of Sialkot city is hand sewed footballs due to which it is ranked as the world’s largest industry for this work. 40 to 60 million footballs are made per year with which a revenue around 70% of the total world production is earned. There are so many  tourist spots in Pakistan specially in Sialkot which must be visited at least once while touring in Pakistan which will be for sure a great experience for anyone who visits it. Some of the attractions of this city are shown here:

Iqbal Manzil

As the name suggests, this historical place is actually the house where Allama Muhammad Iqbal was born. It is located in Kashmiri Mohalla of Sialkot.It was purchased by Muhammad Rafique, the grandfather of Iqbal, in 1861. It was not a big house initially however, family members continued to build it more by the time. After the death of Iqbal, Government of Pakistan made it a museum with all the belongings of Iqbal and family which is open for the tourists to visit.A part of this building has a library having collection of Iqbal’s marvelous poetry. The museum was inaugurated in the year 1977. Other parts of this house show the furniture or other things of regular use when Iqbal was alive.Iqbal House                                                                                                       Image Credit: Express Tribune

Tomb Imam Ali-ul-Haq

Imam Ali-ul-Haq, most commonly known as Imam Sahib was a great saint of 13th century. He is well known to convert a number of people belonging especially to Sialkot to Islam. He was martyred during his war with Raja of Sialkot and now his mausoleum is situated at the same place of martyrdom inside Sialkot city. The tomb is made in a very beautifully creative manner with narrow corridors which leads to a place where one can sit. The path walls have beautiful impressions showing pilgrims. At the back side, there is a graveyard where followers of Imam Sahib pay regards in the form of drumming, singing and dhamaal. Outside the mausoleum, there is a market which is so colorful and a perfect place to be captured with an eye of camera.Imam-Ali-ul-Haq-shrine                                                                                                  Image Credit:

Clock tower

Situated at the center part of Saddar Bazaar, connecting four roads at a single point, stand a beautiful and most famous clock tower which enhances the glamour of the Sialkot city.The tower is beautifully decorated adding an element of magnificence in the view of the city. It has four faced clocks, each showing the time to the traffic coming from any particular way. It is renovated time to time as people of Pakistan are very much careful about preserving their heritage any damages appearing on the tower are then repaired to enhance its look.Clock tower Sialkot                                                                                                                      Image Credit: dawn

Marala Headworks

This is a headwork situated on the River Chenab which is closest to the city of Gujrat. It is a great hydro engineering project which is built with the purpose of controlling water pressure in River Chenab or to normalize any flood situation.It is a worthy to visit place as you can have a great view of water flow at a great pressure flowing down. The pressure of water also lets you enjoy the cool breeze blowing around. Marala barrage was built across Chenab River in 1968. The Marala Ravi canal and the upper Chenab canal are the two links of water flow from this barrage. For tourists, it is a good picnic spot and there is Marala Remount Depot and Farms under the authority of army where people visit and amuse themselves with the nature’s beauty all around.

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Temple of Teja Singh

The history of this temple goes back to 1000 years when Hindus used to live here and practiced their religion in this temple. Especially at the time of occasions like Diwali and Holi, the temple was a center for Hindus, which was decorated in a creative way to symbolize celebration.The area extended around it is a spot of picnic for people. One can enjoy a great combination of exploring historical structure with the nature’s beauty all around.Shawala Teja1 Singh Sialkot                                                                                                          Image Credit: gujranwaladivision

Jinnah stadium

Jinnah Stadium Sialkot is one of the oldest cricket grounds.It was named as Connelly Park at the time when Sialkot was not a part of Pakistan. Later on it was named as Jinnah Park. It was reconstructed in 1979 and this process completed in 1984. Many record breaking cricket matches are played here which enhanced the value of this stadium. The stadium has a capacity of 30,000 people. The first test play was played here in 1985.Jinnah Stadium                                                                                                               Image Credit: YouTube

Gurdwara Bair Sahib

A Gurdwara or Sikh shrine also known as Gurdwara Beri Sahib is also a historically important place of Sialkot. History shows that it was the spot where Baba Gurunanak used to stay. He also met a great saint Hazrat Hamza Ghaus. The Gurdwara is actually named as Bair Sahib with the reference of Bair tree under which Baba Gurunanak used to sit. The tree is still present there. It was built by Natha Singh with a fine designing. Inside this Gurdwara, there is a big well which was run once by many Persian wheels. A beautiful garden is also a part of it which enhances the architectural work in the surroundings. Moreover, there is a pool and some residential rooms inside. The present condition of this historical structure is not good and need to be preserved but the richness of art and culture in its construction is unbelievably amazing.Gurdwara Bair Sahib                                                                                                           Image Credit: Trek earth

These are some of the most important places which reveal the historical and cultural importance of this region where the great national poet of Pakistan Allama Iqbal born and lived for years, increasing the importance of the city every passing day. Tourists must visit it once while touring Pakistan as it is historically very rich.

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