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Pakistan is blessed with ultimate beauty of nature. Whether it’s the Southern territory or the Northern, our country is fortunate with some of the most fascinating landscapes which are worth visiting. In the past few years, tourism has emerged at a rapid pace within the country. Locales from all over the country have shown a lot of interest in exploring various tourist spots. Pakistan is promoting tourism at social as well as cultural level to develop a peaceful image of the country to the whole world. Northern Pakistan is full of charming destinations which are rapidly catching incredible attention. These lovely territories attract tourists not only from within the country, but also from other parts of the world due to their ultimate beauty. Among these eye catching spots, Fairy Meadows are a breath taking tourist destination in the North of the country. They are lush green grasslands located in Diamer District of Gilgit-Baltistan. Fairy Meadows are one of the near most base-camp sites of the Nanga Parbat.Fairy Meadows 3

‘Fairy Meadows’ is the name given by German mountain climbers to the charming land locally known as ‘Joot’. A lot of tourists from different areas of the world visit Fairy Meadows to hike the snow capped mountains of Nanga Parbat. The green grasslands serve as a fascinating base land with a clear and close view of Nanga Parbat. The whole area is carpeted with greenery and is surrounded by dense forests. Fairy Meadows usually bears a cold weather as it is under the direct influence of snow capped high mountains. The area attracts tourists usually in the months of June, July and August because of the pleasant temperature and climate conditions. Green grasslands provide a peaceful atmosphere to visitors throughout the day. It is one of the major reasons why Fairy Meadows are promoted and maintained as a camping site for tourists.

Altitude and Location

Fairy Meadows are located at an altitude of about 3,300 meters from sea level. The approach to charming grasslands is, therefore, full of adventures. Tourists have to cover a twelve kilometer-long jeep track that begins from Raikot Bridge on Karakoram Highway. The jeep track is one of the most dangerous tracks in the world as it is quite narrow and does not have a fair edged boundary. In the rainy season, the track often breaks down at several patches due to land sliding. However, tourists tend to enjoy the adventurous jeep ride.Fairy Meadows 6

After the completion of jeep track, there is a five kilometer trekking to Fairy Meadows which can be completed in an average of three hours. The whole track from Raikot Bridge to Fairy Meadows though seems tiring but it is highly adventurous. There are several breath taking sights of Nanga Parbat throughout the track which make the whole journey much more exciting. One of the specialties this attractive tourist destination holds is that it is a perfect spot for trekkers as well as regular tourists. Families, bachelor groups and students can plan a lovely tour to Fairy Meadows without a second thought.

Attractions and Specialties

Nature has blessed Fairy Meadows with a lot of attractions. The green grasslands proceed through an extended track leading towards Bayal camp at an easy trekking of two hours. Bayal camp is the first point before Base camp of Nanga Parbat. It displays a fine view of snowcapped mountains suppressed into dense clouds. The natives of surrounding village welcome the tourists with a warm heart. Locales have constructed wooden huts in the territory as restaurants. However, there is not much variety of food items as the area is not much facilitated.Fairy Meadows 4

The carpeted grasslands are surrounded by beautiful alpine forest. A variety of plants and trees extend through the land. This extensive range of trees is a major source of attraction in the district. Apart from the greenery, Fairy Meadows are also the home for unusual animal species. Brown sheep and goats with beautiful furry skins play around in the land. There are also a few brown bears in the area but with the growing possibilities of tourism, there number is declining. Musk deer is also found in the locality which is declared as endangered species. The enchanting land is also an attractive spot for landscape and wildlife photographers. Since, the charming grasslands are located at quite an elevation from the ground level; photographers find various spots to catch unusual shots of birds and animals.

Another natural attraction is the ultimately close and breathtaking view of the sky. If someone pays a visit to Fairy Meadows, it is not possible that they miss the glowing stars in the sky at night. The enchanting view of sky is filled with countless stars and a cool moonlight. The moonlight often reflects through snowy mountain peaks which make the place nothing less than a heaven.

Hospitality of Locales

The natives share hospitality in their conduct with the visitors. It is quite significant to share that the locales in the area are literate and they are fluent in speaking English as well. It is probably because they have to guide and deal with a lot of foreigners every year visiting for summits. The children are taught by their families to show as much hospitality to the tourists as they can. Since, the whole area is surrounded by alpine forest and high mountains, the tourists often seek the help of locales for guidance through the tracks.Fairy Meadows 5

The charming grasslands serve as a perfect site for bonfire in the night. Tourist groups and families love to gather around a huge fire set upon wooden logs. The glowing flames enhance the pleasure in the cold breeze and dark forests. The moment is filled with a next level of excitement when tourists play music and dance around the fire to cherish the utmost delight. People can enjoy hot teas and beverages to warm themselves up in the night. They can choose to spend the night in camps or in cottages as per their preferences. The camps are provided with sleeping bags to ensure a safe and warm sleep throughout the night.

Significance of Route

Fairy Meadows are located near Chillas. The major route that links the two territories is Karakoram Highway. The well maintained highway route is constructed under the joint effort of Pakistan and China. Karakoram Highway links many tourist destinations through a single route. The whole route is built through some of the most dangerous and toughest areas in the country. The Karakoram Highway is an economic corridor between Pakistan and China to promote CPEC. It also leads to Hunza valley which is among the most popular tourist attractions in the Northern region. Not only that, Karakoram Highway directly leads to Pak-China border at Khunjerab Pass which is visited by hundreds of tourists every year. Khunjerab Pass is located at the highest altitude in the region that adjoins Chinese territory at the friendly border. The Pak-China border at Khunjerab Pass is the world’s highest border crossing at an altitude of 4,800 meters (16,000 feet).

Northern Pakistan is blessed with some marvelous wonders of nature. It is fairly impossible to resist the charming attraction of high mountains and flowing rivers. Decades ago, tourism was not as actively encouraged in the country as today. The government is working to develop fine routes to ensure a safe and easy access to all tourist spots in the country which have not been explored much. Although, a lot of progress has been made till date to improve transport and other facilities in the Northern regions of the country, but, there is still a gap to be filled in order to provide visitors with proper shelter and food. Fairy Meadows are gaining popularity globally. However, there are a few areas that the local government needs to work upon.Fairy Meadows 2

The charming grasslands are not facilitated with some of the basic necessities. Tourists usually find some trouble looking for better options to eat. The lush green land, due to high altitude, does not have any network facilities and a lot of tourists cannot make much use of their cell phones. Furthermore, there is a lack of power resources in the community and usually the nights are spent pretty much without any access to electricity. Despite of these issues, the beautiful grasslands attract tourists from all over the world. However, there is a fair need to look upon these issues in order to promote tourism in the area to a level beyond.

Fairy Meadows are nonetheless the beautiful grasslands of heaven. If your vacations are coming and you want to plan a perfect tour to the North of country, this beautiful location is the best choice to make. Plan your vacation with your friends, families or partners to enjoy and explore the utmost natural beauty of snow capped mountains and lush green grasslands all located in one perfect site. You can have the best adventure of your life that begins from dangerous jeep track and leads to green lands of heaven through enchanting mountains. So, do not delay and pack your bags to move towards North.

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