The journey from Okara city to Abottabad city

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I believe that traveling is the best way to keep your soul alive. I mean seriously, traveling is the best part to know more and more about nature, people, places and the most important thing is to know about yourself. What makes you happy is the most important thing. I want to travel around the world but before traveling the world I wish I can travel throughout Pakistan. I want to discover more and more about Pakistan and its people. I love to discover new places and new people. So far, I have traveled to different destinations and I’m happy that I have a soul of a traveler. Let me share a travelogue with you.

We were planning a tour from many days but we didn’t finalize any date. We planned to visit northern areas after Eid but we didn’t make it. Finally, a friend of mine insisted me to plan a tour and then we both were up for the tour.

We decided to start our tour on 4th of August. Confirming the tickets in the morning; our departure time was 5:30 pm. I texted everyone to pack their bags and informed them to appear at station sharp at 5 pm. We reached there on time and it was for the first time that everyone was on time. We were anxiously waiting for the train but somehow train got late. We were waiting for the train at Okara Railway Station.

The journey from Okara city to Abottabad city

Someone at the station told us that due to some problem train will come at 8:00 pm. What to do now? So, we started playing the cards to kill some boredom. There were some old citizens at the station and they started sharing some facts about cards with me. Train came at 7:58 pm and we entered the train to start our journey. Our destination was Rawalpindi station. We were excited to know that finally we are heading towards our destination. It was amazing to watch my own city from the train’s window. We were six friends so there was no chance to get bored. I put on my hands free and started looking outside of the window to enjoy the scenes.

After two hours we reached at Lahore Railway Station at 10:15 pm. We walked through the cabinets of the train to reach the next cabinets as they were supposed separate some cabinets at Lahore Railway Station. The train was coming all the way from Karachi and its final destination was Peshawar. We were traveling by “Khyber mail” in the economy class and while walking through the cabinets we reached a cabinet named “Food on wheels”. It was a clean and well-furnished restaurant on train. After that we reached to Business class and trust me the cabinets were lavish and impressing. We asked the authorities if we can buy a ticket for business but unfortunately they were reserved. After that we found a cabinet we had to travel in but it took 30 minutes to leave Lahore Railway Station. We left the station at around 10:45 pm. I don’t exactly remember the number of stations but let me share the ones I remember. After Lahore we reached at Gujranwala Railway Station and bought some snacks and drinks from the station. While traveling from Gujranwala to Gujrat Station I had some joyful gossips with a Pathan from KPK. His age was around 35 to 40 years and he shared his lifetime experiences with me. We discussed some political issues and then he started telling me about the beauty of KPK and northern areas. I enjoyed talking to him and introduced him to my friends at Gujrat Railway Station. It was around 3:00 am in the morning and we were still awake as the train journey was adventurous to us. You know what is the most wonderful thing to travel on train? I think traveling on train is helpful to know more and more about beautiful Pakistan. We stopped on several stations and really enjoyed the view and nature of every single city. Traveling on train was the best option than traveling on bus.

Finally, we reached at Rawalpindi station at around 7:30 am. It was a tiresome journey but our destination was Abbotabad. We left Rawalpindi station and hired a rickshaw to reach Saddar as we had to travel on Metro to reach Faizabad. Two of my friends were boarding the Metro bus for the first and they were looking quite impressed with the service. It was early in the morning and I saw many people boarding the metro bus to reach their destination. Some of them were going to office. Some students were going to their colleges and some labors were going to find some work to earn for their family. I was looking around and observing people. After few minutes we reached Faizabad station. When we left metro station, a boy came to me and asked me to buy a selfie stick; I bought a selfie stick from him as selfie stick is a major part of any journey nowadays.

We reached Kohistan Bus Stand area but before leaving for Abbotabad we had to eat something to fulfill our hunger. We had some parathas, lassi and tea in breakfast. After that we left for Abbotabad. Abbotabad is my most favorite city and I told my friends many things about this wonderful city. I told them a fact about Abbotabad city that its satellite view is much like a “Cup”. You can also check on the Google maps to know more about its satellite view. I slept right after we left for Abbotabad and I woke up when we reached to “Havelian” that is near to Abbotabad. I started enjoying the scenes and nature from the window of the bus. I started taking pictures on my phone and camera as pictures are the best part of your memories. The journey from Okara city to Abottabad city During this my friend whispered in my ear saying that “Mubiii, yes you were right about the road trip to Abbotabad”. Actually, the road to Abbotabad is wonderful as your vehicle will go upside down on the road and you will see some experienced and furious drivers on the road and it will really inspire you if you’ve never been there. I love taking pictures and I took some pictures of Abbotabad. I’d really like to share all of them with you guys but here I’m sharing the best picture I’ve ever taken while traveling to Abbotabad.

The journey from Okara city to Abottabad city

Traveling to northern areas is always full of fun. I was really tired but nature always energizes me to enjoy more and more. I was sleepy at that time but still I was looking around to capture something beautiful and mesmerizing. I was looking around at the people of Abbotabad and here comes this cute little boy.

The journey from Okara city to Abottabad city

It wished that this journey never ended but there is an end for everything. I was thinking about this beautiful place and there were many different things that were going on my mind. I really love the nights at Abbotabad. Have you ever spent a night at Abbotabad? Imagine spending a night on the roof, having a cup of coffee and looking above at the stars. It gives an amazing feeling that is totally beyond your imagination. I believe that nature is the only source to fulfill the hunger of your soul. You’ll always feel energized and strong when you are having happiness in your heart and soul. And here we arrived at my favorite destination ever. It was around 10:15 am in the morning.

The journey from Okara city to Abottabad city

But our journey didn’t end here, we had to reach to our flat and then we looked for a public transport. You’ll find Suzuki Ravi vans in Abbotabad which are serving as taxis there. Let me tell you a fact that there is one major thing about Abbotabad, which is that you’ll find a large number of vehicles there. There are minimum 5500 Suzuki Ravi vans that are serving on the single road. These vans are very affordable and you’ll really enjoy riding these taxis.

Abbotabad is also known as “City of Piffers”. Piffers is a reference to the former Punjab Irregular forces and frontier force. You’ll find this statement written on the mountains there.

We had a personal residence there but there are a large number of resorts and hotels. You’ll find the best hotel, restaurants and snooker clubs at a famous market “Jadoon Market”. We reached at our residence near 11:00 am. After a tiresome journey of 13 hours, we finally took some rest and then I captured some photos from the balcony of our room.

The journey from Okara city to Abottabad city

There is more to share about Abbotabad and its beauty. I’ll show you more about Abbotabad and will tell you some interesting facts about Abbotabad in my next article. Stay tuned!!

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