The second highest plateau of the world – Deosai Plains

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The colorful land of Pakistan is full of wonders. This land is proud of its worldwide significance for countless blissful features. Pakistan may not be geographically as great as some of the neighboring countries in terms of area but it holds an ultimate importance for its versatile territories and lovely weather. It is not wrong to say that green flag of our country represents the greenery that prevails the north. The whole northern region is blessed with marvelous destinations which attract people from all around the world to explore them and cherish the best of their moments. Among these lush green lands lies the second highest plateau of the world. Deosai Plains are located between Skardu, Astore and Kharmang in Gilgit Baltistan. The charming plains have been given the status of a national park to attract and promote tourism in the area.Deosai 4

Area and Significance

The Deosai National Park expands over a great area of 3,000 square kilometers. It is located at an average elevation of 13,500 ft. from the seal level. Deosai Plains are referred as ‘Summer’s Place’ because the whole area can only be accessed in summers. The reason behind it is the high altitude of the plateau that makes it quite cold in winters and the whole area is covered in snow. The spring season brings a lot of colors to the green plains. Flowers of different colors and kinds glow beautifully through grasslands to enhance the natural charm of the land. The colorful petals of these flowers attract a lot of butterflies as well. Standing upon lush green land of the national park, one can view a very clear and closer view of dense clouds shadowing the ground at a height of few hundred feet.

Traveling Routes

Deosai National Park is one of the major attractions for the tourists visiting north of Pakistan. In the past few years, thousands of local tourists visited this pleasant tourist destination. Apart from the local visitors, tourists from different parts of the world have also developed interest to visit this territory. Being the second highest plateau worldwide, Deosai holds a significant status in the global community. Deosai is an easy access from the city of Skardu in Gilgit Baltistan. It is located at a distance of about 30 km from Skardu via Sadpara. Tourists usually choose this route since it is the shortest of all the accessible routes. Deosai can also be accessed through Galtari Kharmang District and Astore valley. The passage from Skardu city to Sadpara and onwards is quite fascinating. The tourists can enjoy beautiful water streams flowing down the mountains. Furthermore, Sadpara Lake also flows aside the route which is simply adorable to look at.

Animal Species of Deosai

Deosai National Park is home to some rare species of animals. These species include red fox, gray wolf, snow leopard, Himalayan ibex, golden marmot and Ladakh urial. The national park was basically established back in 1993 to ensure the survival of Himalayan brown bear and to protect it. The habitat of Himalayan brown bear was endangered and their number dropped down to only 19 back in 1993. However, with the development of the park and protection of the habitat, the number of Himalayan brown bear has increased to be around 50. But, the habitat is still under threat.Deosai 1

Bird Species of Deosai

Apart from animal species, Deosai National Park is also a home to numerous local and migrated birds. The birds include griffon vulture, laggar falcon, golden eagle, lammergeier, peregrine falcon, sparrowhawk, snowcock and kestrel. These species of birds and animals attract a great deal of tourism to the region and the government is working to develop the area in order to promote tourism culture.

Lakes and Water Streams

Deosai is also blessed with breath taking streams and one major lake. The lake is known as Sheosar Lake which depicts the best picture of nature in one place. Sheosar Lake is a fresh water lake made up from the snow melted in the Deosai Plains. One of the important aspects of this crystal water lake is that it is cupped into the plain land and there is no inward or outward stream. The beautiful sight around the lake seems just like heaven since the fresh blue water and lush green plains enhance the charm of the landscape. If the tourists visit the lake in the early summers, they can find a lovely view of snowcapped mountains in the backdrop.Deosai 2

Apart from Sheosar Lake, Deosai is also delighted with some fascinating water streams. Bara Pani is a large water stream that initiates its flow from the top of snowcapped mountains of Deosai. The large stream flows towards the lower areas of the plain from Deosia Top. The area around Bara Pani is used for camping purposes by the visiting tourists. Since, Deosai is located at a great elevation from the sea level; the whole area is windy and relatively cooler in the night. However, camping around Bara Pani is considered as the best option as it is comparatively warmer even in the night. Tourists often tend to stay a night in the camps here before leaving for Sheosar Lake.Deosai 5

In between Sheosar Lake and Bara Pani comes Kala Pani. This stream is a relatively smaller stream than Bara Pani and is located closer to Sheosar Lake. This stream is named after the color ‘Black’ because the water flowing through it looks black through a certain distance. The water of Kala Pani is cold as ice and it is crystal clear also.
Traveling Route and Jeep rides

The track from Skardu city to Deosai and Astore is travelled through jeeps. This is because the track to reach Deosai is all wrapped around mountains and it is narrow. It is suitable for a jeep ride due to rough and unfinished surface. The journey is a bit tiring but tourists tend to enjoy the most it looking at lovely streams of water flowing down from snowcapped mountains. It is advised that the tourists or visiting groups should plan their tours in the first half of the day. It is not convenient as well as safe to travel to or from Deosai in the night because the whole route is not carved properly and it becomes fairly difficult for drivers to have a clear visibility of the road. However, if the tourists plan to stay a night or more on the camping sites of Deosai Plains, they can travel in the second half of the day since it will be a single-sided travel.

Colorful Flowers of Deosai

The lush green land of Deosai Plains is filled with numerous flowers. Deosai region is the greatest land for Alpine flowers in the Karakoram and west Himalayan mountain ranges. Tourists can enjoy the infinite carpet of widespread flowers in the green grassland. One can have the most refreshing experience of his life by spending even a few hours on this plateau. The colorful flowers impart a beautiful ambiance of numerous colors all glowing together in the huge field. Flowers of colors including purple, yellow, red, blue and pink can be found all around the place. The mesmerizing fragrance is quite addictive and it blows a sensational wind. The area around Sheosar Lake is one of the most pleasant patches of the whole land of Deosai. A cold wind blows constantly around the lake that makes visitors to sit for hours and take pleasure.

Perfect land for Fishing

Deosai is nonetheless a heaven for those who love fishing. The water streams of deosai are full of opportunities to make as much use of fishing as wished. The streams of Deosai are the home for trout fish. There are plenty of chances for tourists to do fishing at streams and springs of Deosai Plains. Not only that, Sheosar Lake is all blessed with trout. A lot of tourists do fishing at the lake every year to make their tour much more pleasurable. In Sheosar Lake, tourists can find great opportunities to look for bigger trout fishes.  However, if the tourists plan to enjoy a wonderful fishing experience, they are highly advised to take a fishing rod along.Deosai 3

Deosai Plains are one of the marvelous wonders of the world which is blessed to be a part of our Pakistan. It is clearly a beautiful image of heaven that is full of colorful fresh flowers and breathtaking plain grasslands. Although, there are a few measures that the local government needs to take in account in order to ensure a safe tourism culture in the region, but the land of Deosai certainly holds the crown of northern Pakistan. Fresh water, magnificent landscape, dense clouds and remarkable animal as well as bird species make up this plateau as a land of wonders.

If you are yearning for the best tour of your life, you do not have to look very far because Pakistan has a lot to show you. Plan your next summer trip to Deosai Plains and experience every bit of what we explained to you yourself. Take your families, friends and loved ones to this wonderful land and make it the best of your tourism experience.

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