A visit to Ormara, Balochistan

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I’ve been to many places in Pakistan, with my family, as I love to travel and explore the treasure of nature. We’ve been to Murree, Nathiagal, Sawat, Skardu and surrounding valleys like Hunza and Kaghan several times at least once every year. The lush green mountains and the cool weather really cheers me up. Spending our summer vacations in the Northern areas is something that we all looked forward to every year.

After marriage I have moved to a whole new picture of the country. The hot and humid weather and sweat breaking heat throughout the year was such a downer. Elders tell a newlywed that the first few months of marriage are the toughest. But all I wanted was a trip to Punjab, I missed the greenery and the rain. We used to go to places like Cliffton sea view and used to have a family picnic at Hawks Bay beach.

I often made plans to travel to someplace new and fortunately after a few months we got an invitation from my husband’s best friend, who is in Pak-Navy, to Ormara where he was posted with his wife. When my husband told me I was surprised to hear such a weird name. It does sound like a village but I checked the map application on my smartphone, out of curiosity, it is a city in Balochistan. Its exact location falls in the Makran Coastal region which is 360 kilometers west of Karachi and 230 kilometers to the east of Gawadar city. The map showed a carefully configured wineglass like shape of land with its tail at the mouth of the Arabian Sea.

Ormara cloudy viewThe next weekend we packed our bags and began our journey early morning to avoid harshness of the hot weather as it was mid of May, 2016. We just packed accordingly as the weather there was not much different from that of our current location. Taking it as a precautionary measure we got the fuel tank full for who knew we might not get any station on the way. Within an hour or so we hit the coastal highway. The day was perfect for a road trip. We packed some snacks to munch on the way. Our plan was to save as much time as possible so that we could visit mountains before it got dark. The view was so relaxing unlike the busy populated city. We were able to see the desert till the limit of our eyesight. The mountains were more like huge sand humps with shrubs all over them. The texture of these mountains was so unique that it made me think of the folded napkins at a five star hotel table. What a breathtaking view it was!! I couldn’t get myself out of the enchantment of these mountains when I lost my soul after having a glance of bluish grey water waves striking all around.

Ormara sunset

The sparkles produced by the sun over these waves was making me blink my eyes again and again and for that moment I just felt that I was standing in any part of heaven. My eyes were twinkling with the feeling of pleasure and refreshment and made us to pause our journey there across the road. A local told us the name of the place is ‘Kund Malir’, which is not so well known for tourists, but I bet it was the best picnic spot ever. We took pictures and headed on. After that we only stopped to see the spot famous for the carved mountain popularly known as ‘Princess of Hope’. Tourists were there to take pictures and to see the statue. After visiting this spot, we continued with our journey.

Ormara Monument

It took us almost six hours to reach the naval base. We submitted our national identity cards at the gate for security purpose. The weather was hot and humid as we were so close to the sea. The beach outside the base was so clean worthy to be seated there but we were feeling a bit tired and were not feeling like to visit it at that moment. We went straight to our rooms to rest for some time before lunch time. We had some delicious food at the navy mess and by evening we went to PNS Ahsan top on a jeep. The sea looked as if a smooth blue blanket from the top of the mountain. We stopped first at the Benazir Point from where the whole naval base could be seen with water at both sides and ships at the port. It was an ideal spot for capturing pictures.

Ormara view from mountain2

Then we went to the other end of the mountain where we found ourselves standing among the clouds. Right in front of the sun, upon the port pillared down the deep ocean, it was the best spot for me to settle down and feel the soft wind blowing, dragging me out of those daily busy routines which had jammed my mind. It was not less than a therapy much more soothing than yoga. The peaceful view along with friends and family was an amazing combination and then we got steaming hot cups of tea which proved to be like a cherry on top.

Ormara port

Regardless of the hot climate during day, the evening was so serene and pleasurable. The humidity though did not favor us to have an open air candle light dinner; therefore, we planned to have it at the mess lounge.

Ormara girl standing in water

After satisfying our appetites, we walked outside for an hour before going to bed. Tired from the exhausting day I slept as soon as I closed my eyes.

Next day, when we got done with the breakfast, we went to the beach. The clear salty water with dawdling waves made us to sense them closely by getting an opportunity to have a ride in the boat. It was the best experience for us and thus I mark it as one of the best tours of my life.

Next day we packed our bags and left for Karachi after two days of a wonderful tour. I think if we had gone in winter season it wouldn’t have been that much fun. I always wished to visit any spot in Balochistan and for me it was like a dream come true. I also decided to visit this place once again in future especially whenever I will be tired of my hectic routine.

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